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How to Prevent Your Eyeglasses From Fogging While Wearing a Mask

When both glasses and masks are required ...

As annoying as it may be, don’t stop wearing your mask, because they fog.  Masking can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Instead, follow our tips for keeping your eyeglasses, sunglasses, or protective googles clear.

Whether you’re an worker on a construction site or just squinting through the fog to see what’s on the grocery store shelf, here are some tips to prevent your face mask from fogging up your eyewear.

Fit your mask to your face

If your mask doesn’t fit your face well, warm air is likely to escape and fog up your lenses. When putting on your mask, make sure to pinch the top of the mask to fit the shape of your nose. If your mask allows it, tighten the sides as well for a good fit.

Use medical or athletic tape to close the gap between the bridge of your nose and the top of your mask. If you don’t have tape, try an adhesive bandage.

Wipe your lenses before wearing them

Apply an anti-fogging solution, or even gently washing your lenses with soap and water before wearing them may help. This will keep water droplets from building up and fogging your lenses.

Adjust your glasses

Pushing your glasses forward on your nose will allow more air to circulate and keep your breath from fogging up your vision.  

Rest your glasses over your face mask

Try pulling your mask up over your nose and rest your glasses on top of it. This will block the air from escaping and prevent fogging. If you try this, make sure your mask still fits properly over your face. Your nose and mouth should be completely covered.

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