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Why See an Ophthalmologist?


Most people take for granted the gift of sight and healthy eyes. Yet many have problems with their sight or diseases of the eye that need specialized treatment.

Ophthalmologists, like Dr. Scott Beeve, are medical doctors who specialize in the surgical treatment and prevention of eye diseases.

Also called “Eye Surgeons”, ophthalmologists are trained to deliver total eye care: primary, secondary and tertiary (e.g., vision testing, contact lenses, eye examinations, medical eye care, and surgical eye care), diagnose general diseases of the body, and treat ocular manifestations of systemic diseases.

Many people confuse ophthalmologists with optometrists or opticians.

The primary difference is an ophthalmologist can perform surgery as well as provide a full spectrum of care including routine eye exams, diagnosis, medical treatment of eye disorders and diseases, and management of eye problems caused by systemic illnesses.

“An Ophthalmology exam may not only be sight saving it may be life saving.”


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