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Can hand sanitizer harm your eyes?

Can hand sanitizer harm your eyes?

Frequent use of hand sanitizer during the pandemic may be causing more eye injuries among children, according to a new study from France. This is from accidentally spraying the liquid into the eye or rubbing the eyes before the sanitizer is fully evaporated.

Eye irritation from hand sanitizer is a known concern, not just for children, but for adults and health care workers, too, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Usually only a small amount of liquid hand sanitizer will squirt into the eye. This is not as serious as other chemical injuries and the good news is complications are rare.

If a large amount of hand sanitizer with a high concentration of alcohol gets into the eye, complications include keratitis, an open sore on the eye, or corneal abrasions, a scratch on the surface of the eye.

If you notice persistent irritation after hand sanitizer splashes into your eye, it’s important to contact Dr. Scott Beeve right away.

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